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The African Monkey Trap Rules

The Writing is on the wall.

I was standing, chatting with my friend on the tracks, when I observed a train in the distance.  I moved just off the tracks.  I did mention the train too my friend even though I was at risk of being accused of being an alarmist.

Climate change is a lot like that.  The train has already left the station and only if we all work as a team can we derail it by tearing up the tracks.  Trouble is that  if we wait too long the train will accelerate to the point where we won't be able to stop it and nobody will be able to get off the tracks.  Oh! ~there I go again, acting like one of those darned alarmists.

Sadly we have waited too long and now we are faced with our own

unstoppable extinction very soon.  Updated April 2016

Has Jintao got Harper in his pocket?I
If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, how can there be a tree,  how can there be a forest?  For something to exist it must be observed.

These pages contain very provocative material.

Intelligence  ~ the curse given the few that forces them to witness mankinds march to extinction while being helplessly pulled along by the crowd.