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In order to reduce consumption we need incentives.  Our billing system defeats this.

The billing system is one adopted for political reasons. 


It is designed to cover up significant increases in hydro billing.  The way it works is that the bill is divided into sub parts.  One part is for debt repayment which is only necessary due to political interference in Ontario Hydro's attempts to increase charges in the past.  Secondly is the delivery charge which attempts to charge for lines and poles bases on ones location and how much power is consumed.  Then finally there is the charge for the actual electricity consumed in kilowatt-hours.  This is the only part of the bill that makes sense.  Now let's not dismiss this hypocrisy out of hand because the politicians did split up Ontario Hydro into generation and delivery companies such that the generators are private and the delivery is public, now called Hydro One.  True that the revenue needs to split between the providers but there is no need for this to be done for the consumer, except to muddy the waters.

So what's the problem?

When you attempt to reduce your consumption, the main incentive to do so being cost, the debt repayment and the delivery charges remain high.  Only the Kwh charge is reduced significantly but since the Kwh is a minor part of the bill for conservative users there is practically no incentive at all.

Just for example, one of my bills:

work in progress.

The Big Scam

This is the one that gets my goat.

A little lesson on voltage.  That's the pressure measurement .  The higher the pressure the more electricity flows in a wire.  Of course if the pressure is too high and/or the wire size is too small the wire overheats and it will melt.  We're not going to worry about that here.

What we are going to look at is how Hydro makes automatic voltage adjustments to maintain the voltage at your house at close to a specific value; About 126 volts.  As the load changes up or down the resistance to flow of the lines affect the pressure at your house.  To keep your voltage reasonably constant Hydro employs automatic tap changers on the distribution transformers.  By changing the voltage taps on the transformer the output voltage of the transformer is corrected for changes in load.  For example, at supper time the voltage tap must be raised to compensate for the extra load of all the electric stoves.  A special voltage measuring relay is installed at the output of the transformer to detect changes in voltage and move the tap changer as required.  The initial voltage setting of the relay is made by the Protection and Control branch of the hydro company. The relay setting can be manually adjusted up or down at any time.

Big deal you say, so what's the problem.  When I was a boy, some weeks ago, I'm 66 years old, the voltage was about110 volts.  Over time the hydro company has been increasing the voltage in small increments until now it is about 126 volts.  Sooo?

Well firstly, the old appliances that were designed to work at 110 volts will be overloaded because the pressure, (voltage) is too high for them and forces to much electricity through them causing them to overheat and burn out prematurely.  Now this could cause a fire and probably has on a many occasions but that's only the minor part of the problem.  Who cares if a few humans get toasted.  We've got lots more where they came from and they're really fun to make.

What burns my craw is that by increasing the voltage beyond what is needed, that extra pressure is translated into increased flow through your hydro meter and appliances.  This means that you consume more electricity than you actually need.  AND YOU PAY FOR IT TOO.

Yah, no need to bend over, it's too late.  What's more this extra electricity must be generated, and in order to do so we currently must us coal fired generating stations to meet the demand.  If the relays were adjusted to put out only 115 volts it would meet the requirements of all our appliances and lamps and would eliminate a huge source of pollution.  we could shut down the coal fired stations.  It would take about 1 day to do this.  (I was one of those Protection and Control guys.)

See below for the real hydro scam.

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