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The people in the picture are probably doing the best thing that can be done for climate change at this late date.  Getting pissed.

The  best solution In spite of the many who are trying their darnedest to make the changes now that should have been started 40 years ago when we first became aware of climate change we are still fighting with the idiots and the selfish who refuse to accept it.  We who wanted a future for our children are just spinning our wheels against a huge snow bank of simpletons.

Climate change is not abrupt so  there is some time left before mankind bites the bullet.  Perhaps even as much as five years before things get too rocky.  I look at the things you need to do for short term survival
.  (Long term survival is a much greater challenge and will need a group.)

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The chart is up to the end of Feb. 2017

Update 2017. Current science suggests total human extinction will occur before 2026.  That means that over 7 billion people will die in this decade and it's already underway with mass starvation and disease.

Yah, in about 14  years.  The thing is that  extinction is not a one day event.  It has already started; in 2015 over 8000 died due to heatwaves, and many due to flooding, and every year about 3.1 million die from air pollution related causes. Many more due to climate related wars, such as the Syrian war resulting in mass refugees. These will accellerate but there are some precautions you can take to try to hang out a little longer.  The guidance of this page will not save your life; even frogs croak; but it will help you and your family to survive much longer and avoid a painful death due to starvation, suffocation, radiation or similar

   What to expect in the near term, and what you need to cope

1.  Heat. You cannot rely on conventional methods to keep cool.
How about a freezer full of bottled water in a small room that can be opened when the hydro is down and the temp is up? Wearing a wet teashirt and wet hat when you have to go outdoors so the evapouration cools you.

2.  Water.  Water tables are falling and wells, lakes, and streams are going dry
You should consider a tank or pool of water protected from the sun filled with clean water, and you should filter and recycle water where possible and that includes the toilet. Toilet water is good for growing food.

3.  Air Pollution  Oxygen levels are slowly decreasing.  CO2 and Methane levels are rising.  Soon we may be dealing with Hydrogen Sulphide gas from the oceans floors.  This is a deadly poison.
Your home, or ther part of it you will live in under extreme conditions MUST be reasonably air tight and have activated carbon and dust filters that run 24/7 as well as lots of house plants (about 14 big ones per person and pet) which give off oxygen and absorb CO2  We are using Hoya but there are better choices. The Snake plant is one.
4.  Food supply  Many of the droughts around the planet, and especially in the western states of the USA are damaging or killing off food sources.  Animals that we rely on for food are also in trouble becauise they rely on various grasses that are dying off.
Some foods such as honey, popcorn, or peanut butter can be stored for years.  You need to find the ones that are right for you and stash enough to last your lifetime.

5.  Defence  Those who have ignored the warnings and failed to prep are going to be very stressed and many will be prepared to do whatever it takes for food, water, or shelter
My favourite is the crossbow, because it doesn't give your location away when used.  Very quiet, and the bolts can be reused.  Of course what you do must suit your own location.  Guns, army tanks, H bombs? lol

6.  Storms, Quakes, Floods, Drought, Wildfires, and whatever
This is a tuffy.  Firstly you need a place to hide, like a concrete septic tank stocked with limited supplies that will not be flooded (above ground or in a hillside)

7.  Radioactivity due to nuclear war or power plant meltdowns.
One almost certain danger is the meltdown of nuclear power stations and to protect yourself from the radiation you will need...

8.  Services will fail.
If  your mortgage or loan extends over 10 years you will never have to pay it off because even if you survive the banks won't.  They will go under due to the vast number of unpaid debts of dead customers.  Bad for the customers, but too funny for thr banks. (lol)  Internet and phone and mail, etc will all go down but one thing you can count on, besides horses and camels is radio and in particular ham and citizens band radio.  Get one!

Degrowth movement: If you know of one and can join, it might be right for you and your family.  Each member does what they do best and help eachother, and all share in the results.  No money.

~will be 1st to go so get the hell out!

Eating people Must be able to perform all necessary survival activities without external water, food, electric services, internet, phones, money,

Think!  Moochos luck!

If you feel the need to bitch or contribute contact

Carbon Dioxode sensor

Citizens Band Radio

Oxygen Sensor

Ongoing Trustworthy Information. Nature Bats Last Search Nature Bats Last on Google and YouTube as well

A few sources of information, recommendations, and stuff

Note:  US gallons are smaller, 0.833 Imp gallons

The Hive by Stuey

If you’re reading this document then it is most likely that I am long gone. My name is 433f. Yes I’m a young girl, and having just reached puberty a Sun ago, have finished school, and I’m beginning my task. My task is Documenter, a relatively newly created task within the Hive. The Hive? The Hive is where we live. There are ninety-seven members, a number that is fixed. It used to belong to Outsiders, our ancestors, over fifty thousand Sunrises ago. They lived all over the planet’s surface before they destroyed its ecosystem effectively killing themselves and everything else. They were a very misguided bunch who constantly competed with each other as individuals or tribes. They worshipped false gods, the most significant of which was money, a medium of exchange that one could earn for work done or by manipulation and treachery. Money was not too bad when its value was tied to a commodities value, usually gold, but when the gold standard was dropped all hell broke loose and larger tribes, known as countries, could print fiat money that in reality had no value. It created a huge economic capitalist system based on nothing which would eventually collapse. It did collapse and although I do not wish to take the time to explain how; its collapse contributed in a large way to the already progressing global warming and hence extinctions. One of the funniest things about them, the Outsiders, was that even though they had good evidence that they were driving themselves into extinction, they kept right on doing it. They cut down trees that were the major source of oxygen and put up huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Occasionally they’d have a meeting to agree to resolve the problem and then everyone would continue doing whatever they were doing as if the problem would solve itself. It did.

By shear chance some of the Outsiders had jobs and worked, as slaves to the wealthy who owned most everything. They worked in this 54 level structure which had sun facing windows top to bottom. By bottom I mean ground level. There are also 3 levels below ground. No one owns anything in the Hive. It’s like the Outsider Indian tribes in which there was no such thing as ownership. Our Hive consists of the three below ground levels and the first three above ground levels, all of which have been sealed off from the noxious outside atmosphere. If there are other hives we have no contact or knowledge of them.
As I said, my task is to document for my followers and should the Hive fail, for those if any who follow us. Every member of the Hive has her or his own task. I have an older brother, 427m (We don’t have silly names. Our title denotes out ancestry, where we fit, and the letter our sex. My brother is the 27th of family number 4 and male.) whose task is TimeMaster. He updates the date and time and goes around to everyone in the Hive to keep them up to date. Laughably he tracks the days by one of the oldest techniques, making scratches on a wall like cave people used to do. We have Techs who maintain the Hives structure, Nannies who look after babies, Teachers who train us, our own Outsiders who wear special cooling and breathing clothes to go outside the Hive and scrounge for usable items on safe days, days when there are no storms and the temperature is below 70 Celsius. Exposure to the outside air would mean instant death. We have Kitchen people, Gardeners who raise food crops and oxygen generating plants, without which we’d die. There are many more tasks and each of us has at least one.

About those Outsiders, our ancestors. They considered themselves to be free willed in spite of having irrefutable proof that they weren’t, provided by a very sophisticated machine called an fmri (Functional magnetic resonance imager which read brain blood flow), and also that they were highly intelligent, which they weren’t. Telling yourself you’re intelligent doesn’t make it so. Actually, they spent most of their time fighting and killing each other and worshiping mythological gods as if they themselves were somehow important in the vast universe rather than just part of a surface mold on a rock that had been spit off of some sun. They kept track of dates and time in the most screwed up systems one could think up. A year was 365-1/4 days and it was divided into 12 months of varying lengths. Every 4th year they added an extra day to the 2nd month and every 400 years they skipped the extra day. They had clocks that inaccurately portrayed the length of a day as 24 hours and every place had its clocks set to different times, even though it was exactly the same time everywhere on the planet. One of the silliest things they did was to cover their bodies. We were the only species on the planet that did that. I have no idea why they did such an incredibly stupid thing. No wait; I do know. It was because they were incredibly stupid. What seemed good to them were their innovative abilities. They had funny looking carts of all different shapes sizes and colours that they used to get from one place to another. Why they wanted to move around I have no idea. Actually it was their innovation that was their Achilles heel. They were extremely destructive and they severely abused the very ecosystem that they relied on for survival. Intelligent species? Not! It was the driver behind their self destruction. It was by pure chance that a few of them, our direct ancestors, managed to secure themselves in the basement of a 54 level structure that is now our home. Apparently the temperature outside had risen to above 65C, the limit of human survival, and the methane and hydrogen sulphide levels were also extreme. There is a joke in the Hive about how it all went bad. It goes that; “Herb went out on his porch and sat down on the steps on a day when methane levels were extreme. He pulled out a cigarette, put it in his mouth and then struck a match to light it. The ensuing conflagration fried the whole planet in a few seconds.” Not really that funny. You had to be there. In truth it took a few Sun-ups to finish everything off.
When I look out the window from the gardens I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live outside.

I mentioned earlier that my brother as TimeMaster is tasked with keeping track of date and time. Our calendar is quite simple. Each Sun-up is a day, un-named, and 100 Sun-ups is a Sun. Time is measured as sunrise, mid-day, and sundown. And the in between times are shown by a sundial located on the garden level.
Waste was extreme with the Outsiders but in the Hive we cannot afford waste. Everything is reused. Our body waste goes -Oops there is some dust falling from the ceiling
. OK it stopped-. to the garden level for use as fertilizer and watering. Even the passing of wind is captured for use as a fuel to run steam pumps. We do not have any doctors or nurses, nor do we have any diseases as all bugs bit the dust along with our ancestors. We would suffer old age but Hivers have a set age limit. When a Hiver reaches that age she or he is honoured for service and then goes to the kitchen. The celebration continues with a meat dinner and the inedible parts go to the gardens. Nothing is wasted in the Hive.

One other important task that all Hivers participate in is procreation. We each sleep with our own family members. My brother and I have just started this ritual of sleeping together. Five Sun-ups ago he fell asleep with his penis still in my vagina. It is so soothing to have him so close. It is important to maintain the skills of each family so we do not cross breed with other Hive members. Originally there were 15 distinct families but some failed to reproduce and now we are down to nine. When a child is born it is immediately sent to the nannies who raise it until it is old enough for the teachers to take over.
One very important distinction must be made between Outsiders and Hivers. Since we are of the same species we are driven by the same subconscious rules. We are inherently selfish beings. Our inbred prime directives are survival and procreation. Everything we do is based on those two things and everything we do is controlled by our subconscious mind over which we have no control. We are self aware just like all living things, but not in control. Our ancestors put people in restrictive pens for doing bad (unaccepted) things in spite of their not being responsible for what they did.
Outsiders fought with one another to rise up; where as Hivers we realize that each of us survives only by insuring the survival of all the others. Our selfishness is satisfied by helping all the other Hivers, thus ensuring our own survival.
As I mentioned earlier the Hive is in the lower part of a 54 level structure, which luckily for us had south facing windows. There had been two identical structures called twin towers but during a storm a few Suns ago the other one collapsed into a pile of rubble. The noise it made was extreme and the vibrations of our Hive were very unnerving. There were many such structures of various heights in the area but most have collapsed. Our Outsiders tell me that in some of these structures there are still mummified corpses sitting at desks where they died.
It’s getting dark now and my brother will be along soon to snuggle with me for the night. I look forward to his warm body pressed against mine every night. I’ll continue tomorrow.

Another Sun-up and I’m ready to go again. I mentioned before, the kitchen. We only eat one meal each day at sunset. It is the culmination of a day’s tasking and it’s the one time where all of us get to sit down together and talk about our day. It is a fun time, totally relaxed, a time to unwind and joke around. Just to enjoy a meal together and as Outsiders would have said “veg out”. For me it is also a time when I hear stories from the past that I can follow up on for use in my Task. 787m has some great tales from the early times in the Hive.
Something I haven’t told you about yet is our abundant water supply. We don’t have any shortage because frequent storms caused by the outside heat dump lots of water at regular intervals. You see the Outsiders generated large amounts of CO2 and Methane which warmed the planet causing larger amounts of water to be evaporated from the oceans and that meant lots of rain. One funny thing they did was to fight climate change by using solar panels to generate electricity which they then used to make more CO2. The result was that the increased cloud cover blocked out the sun from the solar panels so they had to use coal and oil fired plants to make up the difference. As I’ve said before, our ancestors were not the brightest stars in the galaxy. Back to the Hive. Early on, the top level of the structure was sealed up and made into a very large pond. Water from the roof is drained into that level which is then piped down old people lift shafts to where it is needed, mainly in the kitchen and gardens. The people lifts themselves are set between the third and forth levels to help with the sealing off of the Hive.
Electricity. We have scrounged some solar panels and what were called LED lamps from outside and we can use them when the sun is bright to light the below ground levels but we do not have any means of storage, but a few taskers are working on that. Most of the lower lighting during the day is via mirrors over the old people lift shafts that reflect the light from the windows down. It should be apparent that we have no computers, radio, TV, phones, or light bulbs, etc as we have no means of maintaining such things or in really no use for them either. If
I want to talk with another member of the Hive I go to see them. It’s much better than a phone because we can see each other’s facial expressions which are a very important part of any conversation. When I say “You’re an asshole.” with a snicker, it is very different from saying it with no visible snicker.

I need to go and speak with a couple of the Hivers who have more insights into the past work on the Hives structure then I’ll continue.

Last night meal was fantastic. It included meat from a young boy who had a birth defect which made him mentally incapable of carrying out even the most menial of tasks. We had tried very hard to teach him but after 40 Suns it was apparent that we could not continue to support him and so he was sent to the kitchen. The meal included potatoes and asparagus and concluded with a gelatin pudding that was very tasty although I have no Idea of what was in it. In spite of the great meal and the usual boisterous behavior of the young Hivers like myself, I couldn’t help but notice a kind of subdued quiet among the older Hivers. They just weren’t their usually very talkative selves. Something seemed to be occupying their minds but whatever it was they weren’t talking. I saw no reason for it, so I just joined into the frolics with my own generation.

It’s another day and before I elaborate any more on life in the Hive, I do want to mention a couple of other things about the Outsiders. Firstly they had a habit of putting some people on a pedestal. That is to say they were made famous for some special feat or trait. One guy was this Albert, Ironstein or something, who was supposedly very smart. He was quoted as asking “Am I or the others crazy?” Truthfully, if he was even half as smart as I am, he wouldn’t have needed to ask that question. Secondly their vocabulary included a number the words that were considered rude to use. The most common of these was the word fuck which in spite of the supposed ignorance of anyone who used it; it was very frequently included in all manner of speech. There was even a special audio story written about it called “The Grammar Lesson” in which the speaker outlined, with examples, how to use it in sentences. Why they had special words that could not be used, but frequently used them anyway is beyond me. There’s some vibration, or shaking and dust falling from the ceiling again. It is getting louder. I’ll go and see what’s happening and I’ll be right back.