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The Global Village
I'll try not to bore you with a bunch of economic jargon.  My point is very simple.
We do
three main things to keep our economy healthy and to help the intelligent get wealthy on the backs of the dolts who work for them.
  • We keep increasing our numbers.  This means that we create an artificial need for more stuff to meet the greed of the increased population. 
  • We keep the quality of the products we build low (built in obsolescence).  So that their useful life will be  short so that we have to replace each item regularly.
  • We advertise (brainwash) to create a demand for the junk we build.  Thus we keep everyone working at doing nothing of value. 
 (We also engage in poorly thought out monitoring systems to ensure that everyone tows the line.  These waste more than they resolve.)
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In an enlightened economic system we would demand  very high quality products that would last our lifetimes and we would demand a fixed population limit so that when we had finished meeting the demand for one product we could have the workers switch to making a new item.  In such a system we could all have many more toys because we could add to our collection rather than having to replace poor quality goods.
I realize that this is very much an oversimplification but it describes a system in which everyone is working for his own benefit and everyone else's at the same time.  One that is sustainable.
Economics 102
The dirty words are Growth & Greed & Ponzi.
Our economic systems in most of the world are based on capitalism. Capitalism itself relies on both economic growth and population growth, as well as competition and greed for its success. It creates an environment in which the work of all results in the wealth of the few. 
Solutions to climate change are in diametric opposition to these requirements.  To reduce the climate crisis (It's too late to stop it.) we need to work together in harmony.  Can we do it?  Probably not.  We have been taught to compete.  Such lessons cannot be easily unlearned.  Most of us don't even understand the problem.
Just one more reason why we will fail to resolve the Climate Change conundrum.
Religion & Economics

The system promoted by the Christian religion, among others, is pure communism.  In fact some Christian religions even have a dictator at the helm.  If you have any doubts about the quality of such a system you have only to look to China.  The Chinese system of government promotes people in the party based on their abilities, not on the basis of their good looks or fast talk.  In my country, Canada, many of the general population claim to be Christians but under our laws we are forced into an economic system that is derived from greed and is diametrically opposed to the teachings of Christ.  Simply put our legal and economic system makes it
de facto illegal to practice Christianity.  Not to worry though 'cause nobody notices.

I am not promoting either communism or Christianity.  I am just looking at them for what they are.
Population (The elephant in the room), Growth & Economics

Our current economic system relies on the ever increasing population to sustain it.  ................One reason for this is that financial institutions and governments siphon off large amounts of money in the form of taxes and fees for unnecessary work and for infrastructure.  Problem is that we can't keep growing our population on a finite planet.  We are already having trouble feeding everyone and with the droughts and storms brought on by the changing climate things are about to get worse.  It used to be that when a food supply diminished in a particular area the inhabitants just picked up and moved to a new location.  Trouble is, now there are no new locations.
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