E-Coli (The magnification here is 10,000 times )

E-coli Bacteria

E-coli are good guys!

The first point is that even though the media hyped the discovery, in 2006, of some E-coli (Escherichia coliform bacteria ) in foods the majority of these guys were not at fault.  There are always coliform bacteria of various types in foods and on your hands and all over your house and garden and in your body.  In general E-coli are beneficial bacteria that reside in the intestines of many animals including humans.  Without them our life span might be abbreviated.  When the news media suggest that there is an E-coli problem it's like saying there is a Christian or Islamic problem.  Most people of all religions are good people but as with all things there are always a few bad apples in the barrel.  This is equally true of E-coli.  Most E-coli are "good people' but there are a few bad apples in the barrel.  Very few.  In the intestines E-coli attack and kill dangerous pathogens that could if given their druthers actually terminate us. Without them we would be at high risk.  The bad apples are very few, about four out of hundreds that can actually make you sick.  Of these only one can give serious health problems.  This is what the media should be telling us.

The second point is this. E-coli and coliform bacteria are easily detected.  For this reason they are used as an indicator for checking pollution levels in water.  The idea is that if coliform bacteria are found in sufficient quantities then the water is polluted.  Bullshit!  If coliform are found then the water may be polluted.

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Let's not dwell on these guys too long.  We just need to make a point, well two actually.

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