If all counties did what the Chinese have done then we could solve the population problem.  We can, of course, rely on our esteemed economists to solve the ensuing economic growth (greed) problem.  Of course there is always the other elephant and that is democracy, which for all it tooting is a failure as a system of government when the chips are down.  It is a system by which a huge number of dolts vote for a few dolts based on lies and looks, to run the show and neither the voters nor the elected dolts have the first clue about what they are doing.  Again we should look to the Chinese who have the better system of government, the better religions,  and the much longer experience.  Not to mention their honesty and integrity.
Back to the front room?
The elephant is population.  I believe that the reason we don't want to talk about it is three fold. 

Firstly the whole world wide economic system is based on growth.  Growth is dependent on increased population.  More houses, more sinks, more dishwashers, more SUVs, more everything.  (See Economics102)

second reason we can't talk about it is that we don't know what to say.  No one, except the Chinese, has come up with an acceptable method of population control. 

Thirdly, no one except the Chinese sees the elephant.  We are so busy concentrating on the other stuff in the room that we totally miss the elephant.

It strikes me as incredulous that very few have the ability to understand that the planet is a limited resource.  In Canada on our west coast the Salmon have returned every year to spawn in one of our rivers.  This year they did not return, so our brilliant government has launched an investigation into why they did not come back.  No doubt this will cost tax payers millions of dollars.  Well, to me, it is a duhSomebody ate them. 
(Just deposit my million in my account.)

The video to the right should be on the Donkey (thinking) page but it is here to show one way that our brains can block out the elephant, or in this case, the ape.

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