Food supply is one of the main reasons for the coming world population reduction.

Let's take a quick look at some of the things we are doing to ensure that population reduction takes it's course.

  1. By increasing the net global temperature we are causing the desertification of many previously agricultural lands.
  2. By increasing pollution levels in the atmosphere we are increasing the violence of storms which endanger crops.

    In the last 5 years;

    1.  Guadeloupe ~100% of the banana crop destroyed by a storm
    2.  Australia ~80 t0 90% of banana crop destroyed
    3. Italy ~80% of cherry crop destroyed
    4. Kullu  ~80% of apple crop destroyed by hail.
    5. China & Philippines ~rice crops destroyed
    6. USA Iowa ~330,000 acres of corn  and beans destroyed.
    7. Ghana ~240 0f 280 hectares of bananas destroyed
    8. Honduras ~2100 acres of bananas destroyed.
    9. The above is only a partial listing but enough to get our attention.  The storms continue and their attack on our food supply continues.  Not mentioned above were Tobacco, wheat, mangos, nuts and a variety of fruits and vegetables were also destroyed during the same time period.  As I write the oceans are being fished out, the whale populations, the Canadian crab fishery, the salmon fishery, the Blue Fin tuna, and now a major oil spill in the Gulf is about to wipe out all of the fisheries in the Gulf.  Have I covered all?  Not on your life.  I haven't even touched the surface.  It won't be long before the world population is affected by this destruction.

  3. By increasing our population we are stressing the limits of the food supply while reducing the supply at the same time.
  4. We have no political will to stop exploiting any food source until it is destroyed and then we switch to another food until it is totally consumed.  The ocean fisheries are the shining example this stupidity.
  5. Glacial melting is reducing the water available to irrigate crops in many locations world wide.
  6. Localized climate changes are killing off pollinating insects which reduces or eliminates the fruits of plants that require pollination to bear fruit.(See the page on bees)
"Food glorious food"
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