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Here we look at a problem that is not totally a result of climate change but one that goes hand in hand.  Some health problems are created by climate change and some health problems are created by causes of climate change.  Of course some health problems have nothing to do with climate.

So, what are some ways we might damage our health?  In a global economy we ship we fly we are unprepared , no antibodies, heat, foul air, methane septic systems, polluted water, water shortages weather extremes,

Global Climate Change: Disease and Society Arizona

— February 14, 2008 — Andrew Comrie, Dean of the Graduate College and Professor of Geography and Regional Development discusses the major diseases and pandemics, beginning with the 1918 influenza pandemic. He reviewed deaths associated with climate changes, compared the impact of disease on humans and natural systems, organisms and ecosystems, infectious disease transmission cycles, and the way climate changes has resulted in previously unanticipated outbreaks of diseases. He concluded his lecture with the impact of global climate changes on the U.S. Southwest. November 14, 2006.
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