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Saving Seeds by Marc Rogers

What every self sufficient gardener needs to know. 
(Usually available from  seed suppliers)

The Weather Makers by Dr. Tim Flannery

A layman's guide to what climate change is all about

 The Revenge of Gaia  by Dr. James Lovelock

Understanding why billions of people may die due to climate change

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance ~Robert Pirsig

Learning to think outside the box, or which way is up.

Scientific American Magazine Online

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 Ontario Canada environmental ministry   (Ask them why they aren't doing anything significant about climate change?
Special videos about how to decipher all the hype from the skeptics and the believers regarding climate. (If you have any doubts these are really great thought provocation.  Good stuff.)

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The Weather Network  Where to go to see the maps and traffic cameras to view what's going on
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The home website of the Air Car (The Minicat and others)  This is the European car that runs on compressed air and is very environmentally friendly. What Ford should be building for commuters.
Scientific American article When It Warms, It Pours: Climate Change Produces Fewer but More Extreme Monsoon Rains

Dr. Elizabeth Loftuz on how our minds work (or don't)

Dr. David Suzuki
Dr. Luftuz
After so many years of trying to warn us of our impending doom, I could understand if he might  loss faith and respect for his fellow man.  I do know, that while having lived in a small solar home for almost 30 years,  I have begun to think I am a member of a band of idiots. Click his nose to go to his page.
Intelligent lady. She teaches us, indirectly, why when mankind is on the brink of extinction, he can't seem to get it together enough to preserve himself.  Our limited intellectual capabilities are superbly demonstrated.
Click her nose to go to her page.

The sun is setting.   We can slow it down.     Clean up your act now before it's too late! Please!

Canadian Government environmental ministry (Ask them why they aren't doing anything significant about climate change?
Inconvenient Truth Poster
Al Gore

Al Gore's Documentary "An Inconvenient Truth"

A must see documentary movie.  Scary movie number one for these times.  You may not want to watch this movie but if you plan for you and/or your kids to be hangin' around much longer then this would be a good place to start.
Click his nose to go to his page.

Dr. David Suzuki has been warning us for over 20 years.

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