Just one question for Canadians.  If oil is a limited resource that we need for our life style then why is it that we are selling what's left of it to the USA when it could be employed in our own industries?  What if we sold all our trees to other countries who manufactured products that we then bought back.  Now wouldn't that be incredibly stupid?

Preparing for a Post Peak Life

Preparing For A Post Peak Life is a mildly commercial teaching website but it is right on target when it comes to understanding peak oil. It contains three free videos that explain the theory behind peak oil and attempts to answer the skeptics. As well it speaks to the personal solutions that might help individuals and families or groups deal with the peak oil crisis.

The videos are:

Oil: The Black Death

Air Car

One Solution.

    The car above could, if the oil companies don't interfere, really contribute to the reduction in pollution and greenhouse gases.  Unfortunately it would require a major effort to upgrade the electrical supply which is needed to pressurize the air. The political will to do this might be there if the oil companies didn't control our governments.

Lucas Oil Well Gusher
Oil can

Oil Donkey (pump)The idea of "peak oil" is very much in the news and usually refers to global peak oil.  The US reached peak oil as a country years ago
(unless they're stashing it) which is why they have to buy on the world markets.  Global peak oil, if not already reached under current demand will be reached very soon.  There is a catch of course.  There's always a catch.  If the demand for oil either increases or remains stable at current levels, peak oil will  be reached very soon if mankind continues to live on the planet.  But, and it's an unlikely 'but'.  Just the same, ...but, if man begins to respond to the scientific communities warnings then peak oil may be put off indefinitely.  Reductions in consumption will mean that the supply will last longer and considering that oil is used in lubrication and plastics and a myriad of products, the idea of not burning up a limited resource would look really good if greed were not as factor in oil related decision making.
       Personally I think greed will win out, but if you actually believe that man can overcome his greed and reduce his demand for stuff or perhaps you just want to look after numero uno then I strongly recommend the  website, Preparing For A Post Peak Life, which is outlined below on the right.  (The blue box.) 

I think we can count on the discussion about when we reach peak oil or not to continue right up to the last drop of oil comes out of the ground.  Pickens thinks we already have and I sure can't think of anyone who knows more about oil than he.  That's our nature as humans.  We, as with most things, just don't get it.  We will continue to waste it by burning it as fuel until its gone.  The only problem with this is that almost everything we possess and everything we eat relies on a sufficient supply of oil.  We are now using it faster than we can find new sources and due to the global economic system now in place those who can't pay will starve.  Canada has a pretty good supply of high cost oil but when the cheaper sources dry up which they are already doing many of us will not be able to buy food.  Oil runs the machinery that gets the seed into the ground and is involved in the entire process of getting to our mouth right down to the plastic cap on the salt shaker. 
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