"We have a problem Huston!"
     In a few recently aired documentaries we saw how the engineers in London England, the Netherlands, and some Pacific islands and New Orleans in the United States are building new, or shoring up existing dikes in an effort to keep back the oceans.  They, for the most part, consider storm surge only.  Not the rising sea level.  In short the dikes are totally inadequate for the longer term.  But that aside, there is a far more serious factor and that is the amount of CO2 that is generated to strengthen the dikes.  I refer to the engineers burning the midnight candle in their CO2 serviced offices, the bulldozers, the welding, the design work and all the other CO2 generating labour that goes into shoring up the dikes.  A solution that will have to be repeated over and over as the sea levels rise.  
    Of course we could move to higher ground or as in Venice just let the sea flow in and walk on walkways and bridges between buildings and between roofs instead of on the ground.  Of course we couldn't drive cars.  What a shame.

    Another idea that needs to die a quiet death is the ethanol craze.  Some brilliant whoever has promoted the idea that we can run our cars on ethanol made from corn among other things.  Personally, if I get my hands on any pure ethanol I'm going to drink it.  No way will I waste good alcohol in the gas tank.  The problem with this idea is that climate change will , and in fact already is, destroying much of the fame lands around the globe.  It will do so in North America too.  So we will have to decide if we want to grow food or ethanol on the scarce farmable land that remains.  I vote for food.  I like food.  I don't like Wendy's food.

    Near to where I live there is a very small city, which shall remain nameless, although I will say, it rhymes with Brockville.  The place was built on deceit and continues in this vein to this day.  The thingy is that the whole idea behind the local strategy is one of economic growth.  They are far from alone in this idiocy.  The whole damn country is still thinking about growth.  Growth requires ever increasing population.  An increasing population places heavier and heavier demands on the planet until finally the planet can no longer support the population.  We've already passed that tipping point.  there are those who will tell you that the planet can support many more people and that we can feed them.  Of course the 1000's of children who are already dying of starvation and disease daily don't count.  Growth is a very bad word and should be stricken from the lips of politicians and businesses.  Personally I may be a little over the top on this one point because I think that anyone who engages in the destruction of future generations, our children and theirs, are nothing less than killer scum and should be hung.  Whoa! Enough of that!

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